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Bank Operating System Integrations

nCino’s Bank Operating System integrates with core systems as well as third-party applications to create a robust, end-to-end solution for the financial institution.
Integrations provide insight through data and business intelligence, and nCino’s Bank Operating System is the means to take data and make it actionable for financial institutions. Integrating customer data into the nCino Bank Operating System provides improved business intelligence, transparency and a 360-degree view of the customer and the financial institution. Having a flexible, scalable and secure architecture to build upon allows nCino to incorporate multiple modern integration methods, such as web services and batch APIs. nCino recognizes the importance of integrations and has a dedicated integration team.
Flow Chart of how Data Integrations function wiht the nCino Bank Operating System
Data Integrations
Data integrations bring banking data into a singular interface. nCino integrates and extracts data from a financial institution’s core and other disparate systems to provide a single source of information. Data integrations also enrich the nCino user experience, such as loading financial statement data to make spreading across relationships more valuable, as well as benchmarking data to facilitate industry comparisons.
Third-Party Product Integrations
nCino assesses its third-party providers for feature functionality, compatibility, service and commitment. After careful evaluation, these third-party integrations are seamlessly embedded within the nCino Bank Operating System. In addition to productized integrations, nCino enables financial institutions to accelerate the development of integrations for new business processes or other vendors outside of nCino’s current purview via the Integration Platform.

Deliverable / Output

Develop third-party application integrations.
Ensure all integrations meet the highest level of security and data protection standards.
Configure integrations with core systems to bring all relationship and loan data into nCino.
Provide additional data integrations to existing disparate solutions.