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nCino Once Again Named the Leading Commercial Loan Origination System by Aite Group | View Report

The Worldwide Leader

in Cloud Banking

In today's competitive banking landscape, customer and employee expectations are changing. Speed, convenience and trust matter most. To meet these expectations, financial institutions must leverage the right technology to provide the personalized experience customers and employees demand. Built by bankers for bankers, nCino streamlines all customer and employee interactions within a single cloud-based Bank Operating System that drives increased efficiency, transparency, profitability and regulatory compliance across all lines of business.

On average nCino client institutions have experienced:

Increase in Account Opening Completion Rates
Decrease in Loan Closing Time
Increase in Efficiency
Reduction in Servicing Costs
Reduction in Policy Exceptions

Engagement and Trust

Learn how financial institutions are using nCino to succeed in today's banking environment.

Corning Credit Union
TD Bank
Navy Federal Credit Union
ConnectOne Bank
Mascoma Bank
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Transform Your Financial Institution

Learn how nCino's Banking Solutions can deliver true ROI for your institution and customers.

Commercial Banking

The industry leading solution, from onboarding, to loan origination, to credit analysis, to document and portfolio management.

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Portfolio Analytics

Access data-driven insights and achieve growth and compliance goals with nCino's comprehensive warehousing, analytics and reporting suite.

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Retail Banking

From a customer's first interaction through back office tasks and regulation, nCino's efficient, compliant, digital, and personalized solution delivers.

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Deposit Account Opening

Open a deposit account in five minutes or less in-branch or online across any channel with nCino's transformative solution.

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Explore and Participate

Learn more about nCino, its award-winning solution and the latest industry research.

About nCino

Learn about the founding and history of nCino, key milestones, partnerships and the company's growth in financial services.

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End-to-End Platform

Explore nCino's comprehensive, cloud-based solution comprised of powerful features that address today's banking challenges and opportunities.

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Industry Research

Discover the latest research on key banking topics and trends and view nCino news, case studies and videos.

"[nCino] allows bankers to respond quicker to clients because everything is centralized and ultimately better serve clients from beginning to end."
Scott Case, CIO
SunTrust Bank